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Distec presents new SmartLED series LED converter

Universal, configurable LED converters for TFT displays

Distec presents new SmartLED series LED converter

Distec’s SmartLED is a universal, configurable LED converter for different TFT displays

Distec – leading German specialist for TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications – presents new converters of the SmartLED series: A universal and configurable converter solution for TFT display backlights. The SmartLEDRover user software allows for precise adjustment to the special requirements of various TFT displays. „Each TFT display demands unique values for optimum operation of its LED backlight and each application has unique requirements,“ explained Matthias Keller, COO Components at Distec GmbH. „Therefore, up to now each TFT model needed its own special LED converter which causes enormous purchasing and inventory costs. Distec’s answer to this problem is the SmartLED series converters.“

Universal use

Among others, the LED current, PWM frequency, PWM settings for the minimum and maximum brightness and active LED outputs can be individually set. Configurations can be stored and easily transferred to other SmartLED converters. This allows for a fast serial production of precisely configured converters for various applications. Thus, the SmartLED converter is a universal base for custom projects with different TFT display. SmartLED converters are available in three versions with different input and output voltages. The SmartLED-II for example is suitable for explosion-protected areas because its low voltage prevents air discharge arcing.

Wide temperature range and variable brightness

A wide operating temperature range from -30 to +70°C / (80°C) enables use in harsh environments. For operation in dark environments, the SmartLED converter dims the LED backlight to any value between 0 and 100 percent (in up to 15,000 steps). This enables reducing the brightness drastically for eye-friendly night operation, for example, in ships or trains. For TFT displays, which include an NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) compatible backlight in addition to the LED backlight, the converters provide a NVIS mode. Here, the display is switched to the NVIS backlight when necessary.

Automatic Adjustment

Via an Ambient light sensor the processor can adjust the brightness of the backlight automatically to the respective ambient light conditions. This guarantees a perfectly readable image at all times and saves energy because the screen is not unnecessarily bright. A temperature sensor maintains the optimum operating temperature for the display via a fan. If the display gets too hot, the SmartLED converter ensures that the fan is turned on and the backlight is dimmed to lower the temperature quickly. With these features, the SmartLED converter can be precisely adapted to the specific needs of different projects. The high flexibility offers almost unlimited possibilities.

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About Distec
Distec is a company of the Data Display Group (, the worldwide operating specialist for TFT flat screen and system solutions for industrial, multimedia and digital signage applications. Located in Germering/Munich (Germany), the company designs, produces and sells innovative solutions offering the full range from components to final products. Data Display Group supplies innovative Green IT solutions based on their hardware platforms and their own software to control the TFTs of partners Samsung, Innolux, Kyocera and Mitsubishi as well as selected panels from other manufacturers. These system solutions – from assemblies and kits up to finished OEM products – are developed in their own R&D centers in Germering (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Ronkonkoma (NY/USA). The range of services includes customized developments and adaptations, product finishing and assembly of monitoring systems as well as the production of finished products and a complete after-sales service with RMA, repair and technical support. More information can be found on the homepage:

Products of Data Display Group are available at:
Europe – Digital Signage: Data Display Solution, Eisenach
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North America: Apollo Display Technologies, Ronkonkoma NY

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